Eric A. Ferits

Stamford, CT 06903


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CEO / Managing Partner

December 2016 - Present

DataMining platform CM.Expert helps today’s leading automotive retail dealers run better than the competition. With a live market view and powerful inventory management tools, CM.Expert is the software, you need to achieve record success in the used car retail business.


With Dale Pollak of vAuto at NADA Convention, San Francisco - Jan 2019

San Francisco, USA - Jan 2019 

Russian Automotive Dealers at the NADA Convention, San Francisco, USA

- Jan 2019 -

From the left: Oleg Moseev - President of the Russian Automotive Dealers Association, Denis Migal - Dealer "Fresh Auto", Eric A. Ferits - CEO CM.Expert, Timur Valliulin - CFO TTS

-NADA Convention, San Francisco, USA - Jan 2019

With Steve Chernysh at NADA Convention, San Francisco, USA - Jan 2019

Dinner with Russian Automotive Dealer Association (ROAD),

San Francisco, USA - Jan 2019

                                                        With Bogdan Solonko at AVTOVAZ

  With Vasiliy Alexeev & Bogdan Solonko, CM.Expert

                                           Bogdan Solonko & Vasiliy Alexeev, CM.Expert 

Alexandr Mitelkin, Bogdan Solonko, Roman Morozov

- CM.Expert 

With Alexandr Mitelkin & Roman Morozov