Eric A. Ferits

Stamford, CT 06903


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About Me

Hi, I’m Eric Ferits.  Thanks for visiting my website.  I’m a senior level executive in the retail automotive industry.  I live in Stamford, CT with my wife Yelena, our two sons and our two very active Boxer dogs.


I was born in Russia and spent my early years there.  I earned my MBA in Marketing and Business Development from Moscow State University of Transportation (MIIT), and immigrated to the United States at the end of 1992.  Looking to participate in the American dream, I went to work in the retail automotive industry.  It seemed to me that with more than 16,000,000 new vehicles sold every year, and more than double that in used vehicle sales, it was a good business to get into.  I was able to combine my business education with a knack for working with people to become successful on the sales side of the business.  Over the next few years, I made a few upward career moves and was soon managing the sales departments of several luxury auto dealerships.  Over time I gained experience-managing sales for Jaguar, Lexus, and BMW in the greater New York City market. 


When, in 2005, I moved to an under-performing Mercedes-Benz dealership in Fairfield County, CT, I had an opportunity to put my problem solving skills to work.  After a short stint as General Sales Manager, I was given the opportunity to take over as General Manager.  I put together a great team and over the next few years we built the dealership into one of the top-performing stores in the entire 350 dealership Penske Automotive Group.  Sales volume more than doubled, profits improved dramatically, and we gained the reputation of providing terrific customer experience to our clients.  We received many awards and recognitions for outstanding performance.


In 2012, I was recruited by another Auto Group to come in and improve business results at their store.  As General Manager of New Country Audi of Greenwich I encountered the need for serious changes.  Using my 20 years of experience in the business, I once again built an effective team, implemented best systems and processes, and focused on fixing the weak areas of the business.  I’m pleased to say that we were successful in a number of critical areas.  Sales, particularly of pre-owned vehicles, really took off, and we became number two in the U.S. in Audi CPO vechle sales. We saw tremendous improvements in profitability; efficiency of service work, and employee morale took a real upswing.  We were even voted “One of the 100 Best Dealerships in the U.S. to Work For” by Automotive News, the industries’ leading publication.


Late in 2014, I ventured forth to hang my shingle as an automotive industry consultant and training guru.  Through my consultancy, Auto Retail Solutions, I have been travelling the world helping auto dealerships maximize business performance in many important ways.  Utilizing my fluency in the Russian language, I have made numerous presentations to Russian dealers and dealer associations.  I have been a speaker and keynote presenter at a number of international dealer association conventions.  Having the opportunity to speak before a very diverse range of audiences, including U.S., European, Russian, and Japanese retail automotive professionals, has really been rewarding.


The challenge of running a premier sales organization continues to tug at me.  I’m now keeping my eye open for opportunities to get back into the “action” at a high line auto retail operation, or other luxury consumer goods sales.  I’ll update this website as I progress through this next phase of my professional life. 

Thanks for reading!